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jueves, enero 26, 2006

Castro is building a wall to prevent Cubans from seeing the news ticker

One day after hundreds of thousands of Cubans were forced to march in front of the US Interests Section in Havana, Cuban workers were seen this morning carrying building materials to begin a "building project" in front of the US building. Castro seems to be so scared of Cubans being able to read the truth, that he would probably spend millions of dollars trying to block their view of the news ticker that began operating on January 16. EFE News Agency contacted a spokesman for the Interests Section who said that it was "very clear it is a type of wall, or at least something that would serve to block the view of our electronic sign." "This demonstrates very clearly that the Cuban government has great fear of dialogue and of the uncensored spread of information among the Cuban people," the diplomat said. Read the whole story at: