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sábado, mayo 28, 2005

Pro-Castro Jesuits

Sociedad Jose Marti

Open Letter to:
Father Greg Lucey, S.J. and Christopher Viscardi, S.J. of Spring Hill College
Subject: National Summit on Cuba at SHC * Enviado por Agustin Blazquez

Spring Hill College will be hosting the National Summit on Cuba within the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, we believe that the president of Spring Hill College, Father Greg Lucey, S.J. and Father Christopher Viscardi, S.J. are unaware of the sad reality that the Cuban people are subjugated in Castro’s Cuba.

The facts are that Cuban citizens under the Castro regime are forced to work in a slave labor economy. Foreign companies pay the Castro regime the wages for the Cuban workers but, in turn, reports indicate that the regime pays the Cuban employees less than 10 percent of what the original foreign company paid Castro per employee and the regime pockets 90 percent of the salary that is meant to be given to the employee for his/her labor. Secondly, the Cuban people live under a racist apartheid system in which they are banned from beaches, hospitals, stores, supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants that tourists can visit and since the majority of the population is Afro-Cuban, it is a direct racist policy. Thirdly, the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva last month condemned the Castro regime for its multiple human rights abuses.

The group hosting the summit in Spring Hill College is actively trying to help the Castro regime remain in power and continue the oppression of the Cuban people. There are many national figures who have identified themselves with a pro Castro agenda in the United States who are organizing this national conference including, Congressman Jeff Flake (AZ). All of the members hosting the conference are Castro apologists who want to economically benefit from the misery and suffering from Castro's inhumane conditions towards the Cuban people. We would like to bring to attention that the Castro regime expelled the Jesuits and all religious orders from Cuba. Therefore, hosting this conference in a Jesuit institution is an insult to all Jesuits around the world. In the words of Martin Luther King, "Injustice somewhere is an injustice everywhere."

As graduates of Spring Hill College who were taught not only a solid academic education but also social responsibility to fairness and human morals, we publicly inform Father Lucey and Father Viscardi of the insensitivities towards the Cuban exile community and the Cuban people who are prisoners in Castro’s Cuba that holding this event entails. Spring Hill College was the first private college in the South to disaggregate and hosting this conference, which supports a racist regime, is setting the clock backwards to the dark days of racism in the United States. We respectfully request that Spring Hill College disassociates itself completely from this conference, which only benefits the Castro regime to continue controlling the Cuban people with an iron fist.

Thank you very much.


Jesus J. Chao

Este es el email de esta institución, déjenles saber que ustedes piensan sobre esa conferencia


To: Justin Daffron, S.J.

November 17, 2001

Dear Father Daffron:

I am pleased that you are questioning the prudence of sending your students to Cuba, although, it seems to me that in the first place, there is still a vacuum in the moral judgment for there ever being considered such a program.

You still maintain in your letter that the "Cuba Immersion Program will provide a viable educational opportunity for students during the summer of 2001..." and that the main reasons for reconsidering the program were "The events of Sept. 11th and most recently Oct. 12th" (Nov 12th) as well as "the devastation of hurricane Michelle has directly impacted areas where the Cuba program was to occur. It is still unclear the extent of the damage. This is another factor that raises concerns related to the safety of students traveling to Cuba this summer"..."In light of these recent tragedies and our nation’s current military strike against Afghanistan, the benefits of domestic and foreign travel this summer are seriously being questioned"

The events of Sept. 11th and Nov. 12th, and the fact that we are in a war, would make it unconscionable to proceed with a program in a country that is one of the main havens for terrorism. Also I believe that the core of the moral dilemma involved is the idea of immersing "college students in Cuba to study justice issues." The idea in itself is preposterous. For 42 years there has been in Cuba a bloody and brutal Stalinist regime, with tens of thousands of Cubans shot to death by Castro's firing squads, several hundreds of thousands of political prisoners who suffered horrible tortures and tens of thousands of men, women and children who have drown trying to cross the Florida Straits in makeshift rafts to flee Castro's hell, and a crushed Catholic Church that was forced to be a silent Church. Nevertheless, although the Jesuits of Spring Hill College new quite well those facts they dared to consider Castro's Cuba a good place for your students to "study justice issues."

Did the Spring Hill College ever ask the Cuban regime for mercy for a Cuban sentenced to death or for the liberation of any political prisoners? Your project denoted more than poor judgment, it shows an extraordinary insensitivity towards the sufferings of the Cuban people and even complicity by omission with Castro's crimes and reign of terror.

Although I have reservations about the "Made in Cuba: Children of Paradise," by Mr. Manrara from the Committee for the Human Rights of Children, Inc., I am very pleased that Eugene Ramirez will be helping coordinate the event. Please convey Mr. Ramirez my congratulations for standing for his principles.

You stated "Most likely a finalized decision related to the program will be made at the latest by the Christmas holidays." I pray that Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre will provide you with wisdom and guidance during this discernment process.

God Bless you,

Received From:
May 28, 2005
Distributed by
Chachi Novellas-Bengochea
Delray Beach, Florida U.S.A.

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