Sociedad Jose Marti

viernes, agosto 12, 2005

Final chapter on Che's picture

Sociedad Jose Marti

Re: Photo of Che Guevara on Royal Caribbean 's Empress of the Seas

I hope that this will end soon, as the issue has been resolved.

Anyone that I e-mailed to, has been advised already. The curator or "expert", which was reponsible for the decoration of Princes of The Sea has really created a mess for many people. I do not believe that the person who placed the picture is really inocent. If the person were to be inocent, them he/she would be so ignorant, that is harzadous, to have it in any company's payroll.

The international communism, has a tremendous campaing with the picture of that creep. Most people do not realy know what a bastard Che Guevara was. Burlington, I believe it was, made t shirts, with the Guevara/creep picture, even for children. Here in Miami recently some stores were boycoted por carrying it.

This is, as if one were to sell parphenalia of Hitler in Israel .

That is why I admire de jweish people, they do not let the guard down. Previous generation tend to forget and in forgetting, history repeats itself.

Some time ago even the Public Library of New York sold watches with Guevara's sphere. When Cubans complained they said that that was freedom. What I call that is something else.

It seems that Lennin was right when he said, "the west will sell the rope with which we will hang them". What matter is the cash, apparently.

Is bein a long time since some people has lost principle and dignity. That is why when someone, exhibit it, it is looked at one of another galaxy.

Best wishes,

Francisco A. Campos, M.D.

Money comes and go. Dignity, once lost, is forever lost.

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From: Uf Tukel

To: Lazaro Gonzalez

Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2005 6:38 PM

Subject: Photo of Che Guevara on Royal Caribbean 's Empress of the Seas

Sr Gonzalez -

My company does not own the Empress of the Seas. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines owns the ship. I am a travel agency in Florida and I sell Royal Caribbean Cruises as well as many other cruise lines. The Empress is just one of the ships we sell.

I have received many emails about this issue and I have helped Sr Jose Guaty and Dr. Francisco Campos express their concerns to executives of Royal Caribbean. On Monday, Royal Caribbean notified Dr. Campos directly that Royal Caribbean had permanently removed the picture of Che Guevara from the ship. They also offfered an apology for offending anyone as a result.

Please email all of your friends and let them know that Royal Caribbean has removed the picture and apologized. And also, please let them know that had nothing to do with placing the photo, but was helpful in having it removed.

My company has been wrongly blamed for this issue and we continue to receive emails about this. If you will please help stop future emails to my company about the photo that no longer exists, I would appreciate it.

Congratulations to your entire community in sticking together to have this issue resolved. This truly demonstrates that by working together on a common cause, anything can be achieved.

Best wishes to everyone,

Uf Tukel, Owner

WMPH Vacations

Please see email from Royal Caribbean below:

August 8, 2005

Dear Friend,

I am writing in reference to your recent e-mail regarding a photograph of Che Guevara displayed onboard Empress of the Seas.

The photo you wrote about has been permanently removed from our ship.

When placing artwork onboard our ships we look for works of beauty and objects that will provoke thoughtful consideration and conversation. It is not our intention to offend or upset our guests in any way. We sincerely apologize if that was the case.

Input like yours helps us determine what art is most appropriate for our ships. Thank you for your valuable opinion.


Michael Sheehan

Director of Corporate Communications

Royal Caribbean International