Sociedad Jose Marti

martes, enero 16, 2007

Observations and Comments

Today, my daughter informed me that CNN was stating what in reality is nothing but a reflection or "echo" of what the very leftist Spanish newspaper El País has recently published, and which is nothing
but the very discredited story of the Spanish physician's visit to Cuba a few weeks ago, that Castro is yes, seriously ill, but that he does not have terminal cancer. I personally consider this bit of information concocted as nothing but part of a propaganda ploy prepared by the brutal criminals who expect to
inherit "the kingdom," and continue living off the sweat and blood of the Cuban people, period.

Today also however, extremely important information turned up during Oscar Haza's one-hour TV
program at 8:00 PM (Eastern time), titled "A Mano Limpia," and transmitted by Miami's Channel 41, known as America TeVe (it can be watched outside the South Florida area through the Internet. While interviewing who has proven to be a rather reliable former Cuban Intelligence officer, who defected in 1999, the following information was rendered:

A. Yesterday, for the first time, a high Cuban Government official who was visiting the Dominican Republic,
stated that Fidel Castro is not expected to return to direct the Socialist Disaster.

B. More important though is the report that indicates that at the present time, Castro's oldest son, Fidel
Castro Diaz-Balart, together with some of the highest level and close to the Castro family officials of the
Cuban Intelligence apparatus, has been in Chile, together with his wife (first time ever reported that he
has traveled to a foreign country escorted by her), and that they had already bought a very large ranch,
and were in the process of purchasing two more. It was also reported that the "group" had also bought
four (4) automobiles. It appears that the great majority of the inner-circle of Fidel and Raul Castro's
families have already decided to flee and reside in Chile when the existing bloody mess and massive
disinformation campaign that is going finally comes to an end.

C. The names of other family members and other high and mid-level military and government former
Cuban Government officials were also listed in the program.

I think that the ship is seriously beginning to take water, and the rats are jumping off. Oh well, what
could anyone expect.

Oswaldo F. Hernandez-Campos
Asheville, North Carolina

Tuesday, (the 8th?), 2007