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lunes, diciembre 11, 2006

Fascist mobs attack dissidents in Havana

A fascist mob of about 200 people, organized and under the direction of the Castro regime, attacked Dr. Darcy Ferrer and a group of other dissidents who were trying to stage a peaceful demonstration in Havana to honor Human Rights Day.
At least three of the dissidents were forcefully pushed into cars and taken to undisclosed locations.
The dissidents were conducting a peaceful demonstration in a Havana park. Among those who were forcefully removed from the park were Dr. Ferrer and independent journalist Carlos Ríos.
Here are some photos of the fascist attack against the peaceful dissidents. Thanks to Stefania of the Free Thoughts Blog for some of the links

UNTIL WHEN? And it seems that Amerika's greatest concern is a fast return to Cuba by free taxpaying Cuban-Americans, or that fellow Cubans-beating abusers like these escape from the island when the civil strife begins. Sure, no justice, and allow multi-national and Amerikan companies to buy what "Fidel and Raul Castro's Forty Thieves" STOLE from the Cuban people.

Oswaldo F. Hernandez-Campos
Free Cuba Intelligence Network
Asheville, North Carolina