Sociedad Jose Marti

jueves, septiembre 01, 2005

AOL promotes business with Cuba

I, just became aware of AOL promoting travel/business to Cuba. AOL lack of sensitivity towards the about 15 % of Cuban exiled community is appalling. Once the Cuban community abroad becomes aware of AOL dealings with Castro's Cuba, I am sure they will reconsider doing business with AOL, Time Warner and related Companies. As you know the Cubans from the enslaved island that you are promoting, are not able to give you any business. So you are dealing with a Tyrant and assassin government. I wonder if Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin were alive, AOL will be doing business with them.
From now on, I will not buy anything that smells, AOL, Time Warner.
The friend of my enemy, is my enemy.


Francisco A. Campos, M.D.