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sábado, marzo 04, 2006

Top Episcopal Bishop is congratulated by dictator after trashing America

Top Episcopal  Bishop meets dictator after trashing America - After the
"Elian's affair" NCC - Castro love affair continues



The Bishop is shaking hands with a murderer tyrant and human rights abuser
for more than 47 years..

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro met up with Frank Tracy Griswold, US Episcopal
Church Presiding Bishop, and his accompanying posse of NCC church ladies,
Granma, the Cuban propaganda organ, reports Wednesday. Griswold, along with his
crew, arrived in the gulag island February 24 on an invitation from the
island´s regime controlled Episcopal Church. We wonder if Tracy Grissy is going to
meet with jailed human rights dissidents like _Dr. Biscet _
( who is an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience or other poor
Cubans. I guess if you go to Cuba and trash America you get to meet Fidel.
Nice, going Episcopals! We don't forget Bishop - remember you have declared war
on all justice loving people. You are a stooge who deserves to be de frocked.

We wonder if Franky Tracy Grissy is going to ask Fidel why he has killed and
maimed so many Christians in Cuba - but the last time we checked the NCC and
the left wing fringe of the swinging Episcopal church has like this crush
for thrid world murderous despots.