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jueves, agosto 16, 2007

Che Guevera�s Progeny Preparing To Flee Cuba

Che Guevera�s Progeny Preparing To Flee Cuba After Castro�s Death
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Like rats scurrying from a sinking ship

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina � A daughter of famed revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara has become an Argentine citizen after decades of living in Cuba , an Argentine official said Tuesday

The news that Celia Guevara March , 44, had obtained Argentine citizenship last January sparked speculation that she and other members of her family had begun making plans to leave the island nation after Cuban leader Fidel Castro fell ill last July. . .

Many Cubans with ties to the Castro regime have made contingency plans for leaving the country after the longtime leader dies, said Jorge Pinon , a senior researcher with the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies at the University of Miami

Castro hasn’t been seen in public for more than a year and didn’t appear at celebrations marking his 81st birthday Monday. Castro reportedly is suffering from diverticulitis, an ailment of the intestines, and has handed over power to his younger brother, Raul

Guevara March, a marine biologist, is known as the most private of the Guevara clan and a loyal Castro follower

“In totalitarian regimes, most everyone associated with that regime has some sort of exit strategy in case the regime changes and all economic livelihood disappears,” Pinon said.
Gee, why would Guevara March want to flee Cuba after Castro is gone? Perhaps she fears an uprising of the people once the cruel old dictator is in the grave? Kind of runs contrary to what Castro/Hugo Chavez apologists tell us of these socialist leaders who are supposedly elected and represent the will of the people in their respective countries

Che Guevera was a tyrant. Castro is a tyrant. Chavez is a tyrant. Those who say otherwise are the sort of useful idiots upon whose backs the world’s tyrants always stand