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domingo, diciembre 17, 2006

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Here is evidence that the supposedly "objective" neo-liberal Amerikan media, which loves to portray Fidel Castro and his followers as "nationalists," for reasons unknown to us, are nothing of the sort. We could assume that this is just a last attempt to sell away to foreigners the properties and land that was stolen away from their legal and rightful former Cuban owners. And the world remains silent. Undoubtful shameful behavior, while the U.S. Government states that they are concerned about a "bloodbath" in Cuba, and are planning on the measures to take so that the Cubans residing in the United States cannot return and become a factor in a civil struggle in the island-nation if it should develop. Sure, why not, let David Rockefeller and Standard Oil of New Jersey buy all the land and properties they want, and his associated buddies in the Council on Foreign Relation also do the same, and then after a relatively long period of time, then allow the Cubans in the
U.S. to return to their homeland, and then begin to start claims against not only the Cuban Marxist thieves, but against the new owners, who we know have unlimited means to get away with murder. For God's sake, what a pitiful setup! A true silent holocaust and theft. Of course, there are WAR CRIMINALS, and those who collaborated and might have even set up the crime scene, and benefited from it, right? It seems unbelievable, right? The outright destruction of a nation and its culture, in order to benefit a few individuals with unlimited power and wealth.

Oswaldo F. Hernandez-Campos
Asheville, North Carolina

lunes, diciembre 11, 2006

Fascist mobs attack dissidents in Havana

A fascist mob of about 200 people, organized and under the direction of the Castro regime, attacked Dr. Darcy Ferrer and a group of other dissidents who were trying to stage a peaceful demonstration in Havana to honor Human Rights Day.
At least three of the dissidents were forcefully pushed into cars and taken to undisclosed locations.
The dissidents were conducting a peaceful demonstration in a Havana park. Among those who were forcefully removed from the park were Dr. Ferrer and independent journalist Carlos Ríos.
Here are some photos of the fascist attack against the peaceful dissidents. Thanks to Stefania of the Free Thoughts Blog for some of the links

UNTIL WHEN? And it seems that Amerika's greatest concern is a fast return to Cuba by free taxpaying Cuban-Americans, or that fellow Cubans-beating abusers like these escape from the island when the civil strife begins. Sure, no justice, and allow multi-national and Amerikan companies to buy what "Fidel and Raul Castro's Forty Thieves" STOLE from the Cuban people.

Oswaldo F. Hernandez-Campos
Free Cuba Intelligence Network
Asheville, North Carolina

sábado, diciembre 02, 2006


Milagros López de Guereño desde La Habana para La Voz de Galicia - España
Infosearch: José F. Sánchez Dept. de Investigaciones La Nueva Cuba

Eloy Gutiérrez Menoyo, líder del grupo opositor 'Cambio Cubano' y ex comandante de la revolución, pidió a los partidos estadounidenses que Washington deje de actuar como «banco suministrador de recursos a los opositores», pues lejos de ayudarlos «facilitan al gobierno cubano un espléndido pretexto para descalificar a los grupos de oposición», según un comunicado.
La declaración llega tras conocerse una investigación del Government Accountability Office (GAO), departamento estatal de auditorías de los fondos oficiales, afirmando que los 80 millones de dólares anuales gastados en la oposición cubana han sido «inútiles» y la mayoría de los recursos fueron «distraídos o dilapidados».
Menoyo, nacido en Madrid hace 71 años, señala que los partidos Demócrata y Republicano deberían analizar las conclusiones del GAO y entender que las subvenciones «lejos de beneficiar el avance del activismo democrático en la isla, contribuyen a fomentar y mantener activas una especie de »industria del anticastrismo«».
El gobierno de Fidel Castro asegura que esas fondos millonarios sostienen a los disidentes a los que califica de «mercenarios a sueldo de EEUU».
Para Menoyo la situación «no exime ni excusa al gobierno cubano de su responsabilidad de abrir el país hacia vías democráticas».
El opositor pasó 22 años en las cárceles cubanas y fue liberado tras la intervención de Felipe González a finales de los años 80.
Regresó hace tres años con un visado de turista pero a su término se quedó sin permiso con la intención de contribuir a la búsqueda de «soluciones pacíficas y no desestabilizadoras». Aprovecha para denunciar que es «inexcusable que se nos mantenga sin un estatus reconocido como si no existiéramos sobre la tierra de esta isla».
Según Menoyo, los políticos estadounidenses deberían «reenfocar la visión de Washington hacia la isla hasta lograr comprender el daño de las viejas políticas de embargo, aislamiento y provocación».

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