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jueves, noviembre 16, 2006

The Scandalous Latest From Havana & Miami: Not That the Rats Are Fleeing

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Subject: The Scandalous Latest From Havana & Miami: Not That the Rats Are Fleeing - Wednesday, November 15, 2006

From the nightly one-hour weekday television show that I have watched a short while ago, and which is directed by Oscar Haza, on Channel 41, and in which he was interviewing a former high official of the Central Bank of Cuba, during the past 100 days, or since Fidel Castro passed the reigns of the Marxist Cuban "Monarchy" to his little brother, there has been an actually shocking increasing amount of mostly Dollars and Euros that have been deposited in Swiss banks by the highest thieving members of the Cuban "monarchy," or their "children," wives, lovers, and associated felons. There were two amounts mentioned in the show, both amounts adding to 5.5 BILLION DOLLARS. Remember about Imelda Marcos and her 73 pairs of shoes? It was reported that as the U.S. Government has inquired about these goings, and because of the probable (oh well, possible) totally illegal or criminal origin of these vast amounts of hard cash, or because the Cuban leaders are just simply
ransacking the country's reserves, not only the Swiss banks, but also the French and British banks are refusing to conduct any type of banking activity with these rather real criminals. What was that about neo-Marxist Cuba being unfairly embargoed?

Will attempt to continue obtaining information about the "Last Days of the Cuban Empire."

Oswaldo F. Hernandez-Campos
Asheville, North Carolina